Entertaining literature enthralls us with suspense, humor and the intense action of an engaging plot. Superior literature transcends mere action. It presents to the reader the author’s insights into human character and reveals the complex ways in which character and action interrelate to generate chains of consequences and results. Still finer literature reveals the complex interactions between action, individual character and the evolving character of the society in which the action takes place. The greatest literature goes still further. It reveals not only insights of individual and social character but of the character of life itself.

This site contains detailed analyses of novels and plays, in an attempt to evolve new canons of literary criticism that discover the distilled wisdom of generations that lies in all great works of literature. The same has been done with motion pictures also. The articles on the site, that are the product of decades of research, attempt to go beyond the plot, characterization, linguistics and imagery. They seek to discover in literature the knowledge of human nature, self-knowledge and knowledge of the character of life itself.